Brass Instructor

Ralph Osmolinski has a long history in both drum corps and marching bands. Ralph has marched with the Regiment, the Gardner Guards, the Harrisburg Westshoremen, and the Mainliners Drum and Bugle Corps. He has also worked as a brass instructor and Assistant Director of the Greater Johnstown High School band.

Drum Instructor

Bo Pennington is a graduate of Glendale Junior/Senior High School and Edinboro University with a BA in Music Education. He is currently the Elementary Music Instructor and Jr/Sr High Marching Bands Director at Curwensville Area School District.

Guard Instructor

Gretchen Pennington has marched and instructed with the Grey Knights Drum and Bugle Corps of Johnsonburg, the Mon Valley Express of South Park, PA, and the Rogues Hollow Regiment of Doylestown, OH. She participated in the Drum Corps International Sound Sport World Finals from 2015 to 2017, each time earning a Silver rating, with the Mon Valley Express in 2015 and the Rogues Hollow Regiment in 2016 and 2017.

Gretchen instructed color guard for the Steel City Ambassadors of Pittsburgh, PA in 2016 when the corps participated in the Drum Corps Associates Alumni Spectacular in Rochester, NY. She currently volunteers as the color guard instructor for DuBois Area Middle School and advises the band front for Curwensville Area Junior and Senior High Marching Bands.

Mrs. Pennington currently serves as the Regional Director of the Small Drum Corps Association (SDCA), an organization responsible for drum corps shows across the country. Prior to this, she served as the regional Assistant Director from 2013 to 2015.

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